Marketing Representatives LLC

Marketing Representatives LLC was created as part of the Interline network of companies to handle lines of business. We are actually a hybrid company. We have 22 people in Palatine, Illinois, under four entities: Interline Creative Group, Inc., Accountability Information Management, Inc. (AIM),  MarketNet Associates, Division of Interline, and Marketing Representatives LLC. Interline is the full-service component, offering a wide range of services, AIM is the research company, and MarketNet is the division of Interline that will do anything to help a client. For example, MarketNet runs "spiff" programs for manufacturers.


Marketing Representatives LLC is a rep/distributor firm that handles sales responsibilities along with advertising and communications tactics to promote, sell, and engage our client customers and potential customers in purchasing products or services. We generate a positive awareness of our clients' businesses and products, as well as develop the path to purchase.


Because of our network of companies, Marketing Representatives LLC can perform well beyond the scope of a traditional rep organization. For one client, we started as the Midwest representative; now we manage the entire national sales organization.


We are problem solvers – and we look forward to engaging with your company.